Why Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns are Stagnant

You might be wondering why your efforts to increase web traffic, clicks, and overall awareness are not gaining any momentum. Some common misconceptions with marketing efforts via social media can really throw a wrench in the gears and you’ll end up performing in an empty auditorium. Here are some quick and basic tips to get your marketing and web presence back on track.

  1. All platforms are NOT created equal!
    Take the time to learn about the different social media platforms. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. You wouldn’t use LinkedIn to connect with prospects if you’re selling in the B2C space.
  2. Remember the “Elevator Pitch”
    Conveying your message in a few seconds or less is essential. If you’re positioning that message through a web channel, it takes much less time for prospects to lose interest and go to a competitor’s website. Keep the message concise and value oriented.
  3. Attention to Detail
    This is a big one; every word you type that isn’t a keyword is killing your search-ability. Proofread your blogs and posts to make sure the basic SEO strategies are being utilized. Marketing agencies have this down to a science and you should too!
  4. Be Consistent!
    Posting regularly is key. Having an active web/social media presence drastically helps your engagement rate and simply makes you look like you know what you’re doing. Share customer testimonials, marketing analytics, results, or really anything worth bragging about.
  5. Keep it Simple
    So many marketers overthink their strategies which leads to poor results. Figure out who your audience is and connect with them. They have a different perception than you do so keep it simple and stay the course. Your product/service is the best in the market so make sure to tell them that!

We at fifty2/digital deal with this every day and this is the stuff that makes us tick. We can analyze your existing marketing/SEO/social media workflow and really help drive the point home and show your prospects the true value that you’re offering.

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