Whether it’s a website development project, or digital marketing to include running social media and Google ads, we can help get those projects running timely and efficiently. We offer a variety of customized solutions, and encourage you to reach out with any questions pertaining to your plans.

Website Development

Website Development using the worlds most powerful engines to do so. We create dynamic, efficient, and great looking web properties for your business.


Insight into how your website or social media is performing is pivotal in expanding your business. We provide a variety of ways to help optimize and gain further insight into it.

Cloud Hosting

We can host all of your content and web properties in the cloud, for you. This takes any worry out of anything occurring because we can manage that hosting as well.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads creation, management and creative. We offer a full suite of Ad services for your businesses Facebook, so you don’t have to.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the most sought after social media platforms, which can be leverages with their ad platform, for your business.


Flex with fifty2/digital is the ability to be just that, flexible. Whether it’s the project itself, and how we deploy certain technologies, or contractual configurations.

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A Deeper Look Into Our Services


Website Development
Application Development (Coming Soon!)

Digital Marketing

Social media Ads
Google Ads
Social Consultation and Management
..and More!


Content Creation
..and More!

/flex dollars

What is it?

This services lets you depict how you want to structure your contract with us, therefore removing any barriers of entry and helping fit the project into a scope you had been planning on.


/flex project

What is it?

What we can do with projects are endless. If we offer a service that you need to integrate with another part of your business, we will learn about that use case and implement a working solution for you in order to meet your needs. Even if this is not a service listed on our site, feel free to speak with us about your project and we are happy to help.

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