What Does SEO Even Mean?

If you Google “SEO”, you’ll find a few things; “search engine optimization” and countless abstract definitions from self-proclaimed marketing gurus that doesn’t really answer the question. What the heck is SEO?

SEO in terms of your website is the strategic placement of specific keywords within the text of your pages. The idea is to make every aspect of the website as easily searchable as possible. Marketing agencies for example, will spam the words SEO, engagement, marketing, advertisement, etc- like I just did there. The more keywords, the better for your site’s visibility.

Blogs are another valuable SEO strategy. Just like your website, each blog post needs to be direct and concise, and include as many keywords as possible. Think of the blog as more of a tool than actual reading material. The most important piece to this is consistent posts.

Social media is the final piece in scratching the surface of SEO. The idea is to have a well-oiled blog and website with ALL the keywords then top it off with an active social presence. You need to engage with your target market as much as possible and be consistent. Promote everything you do on every social platform to maximize brand/product exposure and to keep your company visible.

Congratulations; you’ve completed SEO 101. There are many more strategies that are less obvious and requires a little more elbow grease but we’ll get into that in a separate post. As always, let us know if SEO is something we can help you with! fifty2/digital is a full-service marketing agency with experts to help increase brand awareness, drive foot traffic, optimize social media, and even copywriting and advertising!

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