Responsive Website Development

Since the early 2000s, responsive website design has been an essential piece to any business or marketing strategy. Responsive website design is an approach that suggests that the user’s perception should be consistent and streamlined across all platforms and screen sizes. When designing a website, this is a must. It can mean the difference between the acquisition or loss of a customer.

On top of responsive website design, dedicated mobile sites are just as important. Google’s website ranking system places mobile friendly sites higher so the search results are more relevant to what you’re looking for, with correct sizing of the website. In an age where the term “Google it” is used to classify searching the web for something, dedicated mobile sites make sense. It’s important to think in the perspective of the consumer; would you be bothered if a website is non-responsive and not seamless from laptop to mobile? Of course! We want all of the websites we visit to be automagically configured to our devices!

Here at fifty2/digital, we fully support responsive website building and development because it will benefit your business in more ways than one. It provides consumers with a great user experience by giving the same views and functionality from a laptop to the various mobile devices. We find that it’s important to be on the same screen as customers in order to ensure a fluid experience. Furthermore, it allows you to boost conversion rates of those visiting your website and ultimately increase revenues rather than missing out because you’re website isn’t up to date.

We would be happy to elaborate about the process of making this type of change and the impact it would have on your business. Feel free to reach out at any time!


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