About fifty2digital

fifty2/digital evolved out of an idea and concept of helping people, businesses, and various brands. Through a variety of different experiences we found that there was a real need for our customers to not only use our services for certain projects, but to become an extension of their teams. The way that we approach projects and work today, is to always be forward thinking about your brand in how we can take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders.

It’s in our core values, going the extra mile, to make sure that you are not only happy with how we can help you but how we operate to make everything as seamless and easy as possible for you use interact with us and using the platform going forward. If you have an idea, we want to be the first name you think of.

To make this happen, we use a variety of tools that will help both of our teams stay on track and on the same page at all times. If you have a project that you are thinking of tackling, let us know, and we can roll out a 30 minute consultation about that project at absolutely no cost with no strings attached. After all, we want to help without you feeling pressured to use our services.

Strength in Relationships

We work to make sure that the relationship that we build with you and your business is the strongest that it can possibly be. With full transparency, we work with a variety of tools that will keep you in the know of where we are on a project which will also allow for you to communicate with us and our team along the way. 

Being an extension of your team is something that we take pride in, working at a pace that is best for your teams and business. 

Website Development100%

Trello Tracking

With both a web and mobile app, we use Trello to track progress and updates to the work we are doing with you and your teams. This means more collaboration between everyone as well as staying on the same page at all times. 

Phone Support

Keeping in touch is easy, so we offer phone support options for those quick questions or meetings that you need during the duration of your time with us. 

Flex Options

At the end of the day, we want you to approach the digital project you are talking to us about in the way that you want to. We have a variety of flexibility in how we  work together, from how we deploy your projects to how contracts are formed. Don’t worry about the small stuff!

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