Why Your DNS Provider May Be Killing Your SEO!

We all know what SEO is at this point. Some may not know that how fast a web page loads plays a huge part in it. You could have highest ranking site in terms of searchability but if your page is slow, competitors will leave you in the dust! Based on some recent stats, 40% of customers abandon their shopping cart if it takes more than 3 seconds to load! You can imagine how pivotal this is.

DNS is possibly the most important piece of the Internet. Without it, we’d all be forced to memorize an unimaginable number of IP addresses. Naturally, the speed in which your DNS provider can bring you to your intended destination is vital in ensuring that your website is 100% streamlined and ranking as high as possible.

This seems like a no brainer however, many people aren’t aware that DNS is even a thing! The key to being a formidable marketer is being aware of EVERYTHING from creating demand and awareness, to ensuring that every step is taken to maximize market penetration. “Behind the scenes” things like DNS are just as important as anything else.

Fifty2/digital knows how the internet works and consults with many businesses on matters like this. Reach out today and we’ll share our expertise to make you successful! Marketing is a spectrum and we understand what it takes to fully utilize available resources. Let’s talk about your areas of opportunity!

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