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fifty2/digital agency

First off, we want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support received while starting and building fifty2/digital as of late. While we have been working to establish ourselves, there have been many to reach out to us and acknowledge that they are in full support of what we are doing, and they are excited to see where we take the company. Speaking with a variety of people, and explaining exactly why we started fifty2/digital and where we are going to take the brand, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce and outline those talking points here in the first blog post.

Why start a digital agency?

Over the past few years, we have spent a lot of time working to learn and build in the various areas that we are establishing within fifty2/digital. Things such as marketing, website development in a modern digital age, crafting social media for various clients/businesses, working with different programming languages for other projects, and talking with SMBs about their initiatives while advising on various paths they can take to build their businesses. We found that the common theme was not that we just really enjoyed all of the above, but it was the interaction with the people we were working with. It was really a mix of both, having a true passion for the technology side of things, but also really being able to help people and see their businesses thrive.

There are so many options when it comes to building a business that in todays high tech world we could have become freelancers in each of the above mentioned topics and done just fine, but the reality of the matter was that we really enjoyed being able to bring all of our expertise to the discussion and offer a wide variety of options depending on the situation. Overall, the reason that we chose to start an agency is because we love the people that we work with, and are very anxious to continue growing those relationships as well as others. We can continue to hone in on all of the areas of expertise, as well as grow into others when we see fit, and continue to see our clients grow further as a result.

How are you different from the other guys?

The background of fifty2/digital and the name we chose, is really a telling sign as to how we think we set ourselves apart from the competition. Traditionally, a B2B (Business to Business) relationship has always been 50/50. Clients give fifty percent as do the business helping them. When thinking about how we wanted to build and be different, we often found ourselves talking about our service offerings or interactions with clients as coming around to how we can provide extra value. Not just a contracted relationship where we finish the job and move on, but how we can go above and beyond to build a lifetime relationship between the two of us. This became number one in our core values, and in turn how we thought of the name fifty2/digital. Clients shouldn’t have to work for themselves when they decide to work with us, but of course there are still efforts needed from both sides. Looking at it from thirty thousand feet, 52 percent of the relationship efforts should be from us, and 48 from the client. We can write blog after blog about this topic alone, but we strongly believe that if you decide to work with us that experiencing it is where the proof of that concept will be.

What do we have in store?

Right now, our primary focus is to be the best at what we currently offer for service to our client base. Remember that fifty2/digital was started on the principle that we absolutely love what we do, but moreover we love the work that we do for our clients. That being said, it’s very important that we continue to offer a first class service without overextending what we provide as a service, causing a ‘bloating’ effect where we say we can do everything and anything that you want, but it really doesn’t bode well for you the client if it’s sub-par work.

On the flip side of that, we are committed to staying on top of the technology and advancements that are being made year over year in order to ensure that everyone is current and relevant in their respective space, when it comes to technology. Our current offerings will continue to evolve and up to date, but we also have a larger vision to bring other services that will aid in advancing, or leveling up, your current footprint.

To give you an idea of something we are considering and working on, is the ability to develop mobile apps in house. This would eliminate the need for clients to hire a full time developer, and leverage our team in the design and build of a mobile application for much less money than what the former would offer. Can and will we continue to make responsive websites so they are mobile friendly? Absolutely. But is there a value in being able to branch out into the mobile world? You bet! This is just one of the many different offerings that we are considering as we grow, and if you have any feedback, feel free to let us know!

Again, thank you to everyone for the support and I hope that you enjoyed learning a bit about how we became to be. We would love to hear what you are working on, the business that you operate, the personal brand you are trying to build, or just what you think of us as a whole, so feel free to drop us a line!

– Team fifty2/digital

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